F . A . Q

What kind of equipment do you use?
TOMI uses both tungsten and flash light, depending on the lighting situation of shooting area. He emphasizes the existing lighting of the shooting area by adding his lighting. Hi-resolution digital camera shots capture all the details. You will see each shot on his laptop screen with all the details during photo

Do you photoshop?
TOMI is also a photo re-touching specialist.
He is able to delete unwanted object, air conditioner, cable, ugly view. It is possible to changing wall or furniture color. Please visit photo retouching page.
(Additional fees apply for major retouching)
How do I receive the images?
You will receive all the shots in hi-resolution and low-resolution jpg file and hi-resolution tif format files on a DVD disk.
FTP download is also available.
What if I only shoot one bathroom or kitchen. Do I still need to pay for one day rate?
We offer half day rate was well.
Is is possible to photograph multiple locations in one day?
Yes, it is possible if the location is near by. 2 or 3 location is possible depending on the number of shots in each location. Every time we relocate, we have to pack and unpack equipments, so when travel time is take into account, we end up taking fewer shots than we would if we were shooting in one location all day.
How long is one day?
One day is based on 7 hour period of shooting time that includes unpacking and packing the equipments. Half day is 3.5 hours. It only suitable for one or two room.
What is regular shooting hour?
There is no regular hour. Whenever the best to shoot. Many of commercial project is not available to photograph in daytime, We could start after hour or even mid night..
How may shots / room can I photograph in one day?
The number is varies depending on the room size, lighting situation etc. The average is 7-10 shot / room per day, sometimes up to 15.
Please call or email if you have more questions.
917.741.0370 NYC